Amberholding story about gems and amber


Such stones are formed deep in your yard where powerful tectonic processes once occurred. The main ones are diamond, ruby, emerald, topaz, sapphire, aquamarine.

What is their peculiarity?

The most important property of precious stones is their strength. Due to this feature gems were able to withstand the monstrous pressure in the earth. The durability of colored crystals was appreciated by people. It was noticed, that gems don’t change their qualities under the influence of external environments. Pearls can fade or deteriorate in a fire, but with a crystal emerald nothing will happen. At internet boutique Elephant (Svetlogorsk Russia) except Baltic amber there are also beautiful products made of semi-precious and synthetic stones. More choices available on the official website Amberholding. You can find there earrings, pendants and rings.

Geography of distribution

Gemstone deposits are simply on all continents however a lot of the gems in our time is mined in Southeast Asia and South America. The largest diamond deposits come in South Africa and in Russia. Today the extraction of gems has developed into a real industry – as outlined by General estimates the employs tend to be than 5 million people. One of the richest deposits of precious stones is found around the island Sri Lanka. Here mined stones including ruby, sapphire, alexandrite, corundum. Sri Lanka is immediately as well as the fields of Brazil, high are deposits alexandrites, Topaz and aquamarines. The main supplier of sapphires is Australia-in this country, 80% coming from all stones with this type are mined. In middle ages times precious stones were found mainly within the beds of rivers or perhaps soft rock that came to the top on account of earthquakes. Today the extraction of crystals is conducted if you use heavy construction equipment. Kimberlite pipes of South Africa and Yakutia are very large that clearly visible from space.

How could be the price formed?

In most all cases placers of gems are located in hard to succeed in places therefore their production is fraught with great problems, which in turn results in a rise inside the cost of stones. In very hard conditions, sapphires are mined at Indian paddar field. The mines are situated high inside mountains along with a large part of the year it really is impossible to get there by car. Gems are mined as in the old days personally with picks and shovels. The highest mine it is found at an altitude of 4000 meters and simply the look for gems is going on at negative temperatures.